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What is a cookie?

Almost every website uses cookie technology. Cookies are small files in which user settings are saved. They are sent by the website that we visit every time you visit its website. Some of them may remain on the device after closing the browser. At the next visit from the same device, the browser can check whether the appropriate cookie file (i.e. the file containing the page name) is saved on the device and send the data contained therein again to the page that saved the cookie. Thanks to this, it can be recognized that a given user has visited it in the past, and in some cases, tailored the presented content to the recipient.

Advantages of cookies

Cookies help the user to use previously visited websites. If the user uses the same device and browser as before, this allows him to remember his preferences. No cookies used by our website collect information enabling the identification of the user.

Controlling and deleting cookies

The user may change the way cookies are used by the browser, including blocking or deleting those from websites. To do this, change your browser settings. Most browsers offer the option of accepting or rejecting all cookies, accepting only certain types, or informing the user whenever a website attempts to save them. The user can also easily delete cookies that have already been saved on the device by the browser. Managing and deleting cookies varies depending on the browser used.

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