Frequently asked questions

Question: I'm looking for the "..." do you know a polish digital library with this revue?

Answer: You could search in,
this is Digital Libraries Federation that has search the metadata of
available digital objects distributed from digital libraries and
repositories in Poland.

Question: I am waiting very long for the planned publications. When will they be available?

Answer: Librarian selects which resources will be digitized, guided by copyrights,
popularity in the region and primarilly - funds held (digitization process
is time consuming and costly).

Question: I would like to use the photograph of "..." in my book. Would this be possible?

Answer: The copyright of all our publications expired long time ago, so there will be no problem to use any
photographs. The exception is the position of secured and marked as available in our local network.

Question: After opened some pages of publication, other did not open.

Answer: Some of our digital collections have a large file size (better quality).
You have to wait until they are fully downloaded.
You can also download direclty to your computer this periodical by clicking on
the "download" on the left side of the website ("Edition" column)
Or when you click "Show publication content" try to different way of view the publication
by navigate cursor on the right corner and click "Try others!"
The best is DjVu browser plug-in, support for Internet Explorer.

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